Management system event – MSE

Helsinki Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

Towards a sustainable nuclear supply chain Forum MSE 2022 is the seventeenth in a series that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) have organized to raise awareness and increase understanding of management systems as integrating all the vital objectives of nuclear facilities and activities. As last year, this event has a focus […]


GH Bernardin Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

On 12-15 September, the 31st International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe will be hosted in Slovenia. The primary objective of the meeting is to foster international cooperation amongst professionals active in […]

47th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society

Cartagena Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

The 47th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society will be held from September 28-30 in Cartagena. The Board of Directors of the SNE is working on the preparation of […]

WANO Biennal General Meeting (BMG)

Pragues Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

The last two years have introduced unprecedented challenges to the world, and to our industry. And today, over two years since the covid-19 pandemic became a global issue, we face further challenges that appear to shake the foundations upon which this great industry and association were built.

Fifth International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management

Vienna, Austria Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels

The objectives of the conference are to: Emphasize the role of PLiM programmes in assuring safety and improving reliable NPP operation; Identify the economic impacts of PLiM and LTO programmes, as well as methodologies for their evaluation; Provide key elements and good practices related to the safety aspects of ageing, ageing management and LTO; Provide […]