International Conference on Quality Leadership and Management in the Nuclear Industry
15th FORATOM-IAEA Management Systems Workshop
16-19 July 2018 – Ottawa Canada

About the event


To exchange experiences, practical examples, new insights and case studies, related to management systems.  These include the integration of management systems within an organisation, quality management, leadership and organizational culture, the implementation of risk based and informed approaches, safety and security aspects and relevant standards.

Conference audience:

  • Senior managers in charge of developing, implementing and improving management systems
  • Representatives from international organizations involved in the development and/or promotion of management related tools, standards and practices
  • Quality management and quality assurance leaders and specialists
  • Specialists from regulatory bodies responsible for oversight of quality and management systems
  • Representatives of engineering, procurement and construction contractors
  • Representatives from nations planning to build a nuclear facility
  • Leaders and specialists from high reliability industries, or other regulated industries


This is the fifteenth in a series of workshops that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) have organized to raise awareness and increase understanding of management systems integrating all the vital objectives of nuclear facilities and activities. These workshops also involve promoting application of the IAEA safety standards.

Given the energy and positivity which has abounded during previous editions, the IAEA and FORATOM have joined forces with Bruce Power to expand the scope of the existing workshop format into a much broader International Conference on Quality, Leadership and Management in the Nuclear Industry. A wider range of topics will be covered with increased audience participation, allowing attendees from around the world to discuss fresh ideas and ways of putting them into practice.  There will be a focus on getting the basics right, while innovating to secure the future of the nuclear industry.

What is the objective of this conference?

The overall purpose of the 2018 International Conference on Quality, Leadership and Management in the Nuclear Industry – 15th FORATOM – IAEA Management Systems Workshop is to serve as an international forum for the exchange of information on management system and quality management standards. Attendees will be able to exchange experiences, practical examples and case studies, which deal with leadership and organizational culture and with the implementation of risk based/informed approaches. The Conference will also include relevant and interactive working group sessions giving participants more time to debate key topics of relevance to them, share experiences and to draw lessons from their peers.

Who is it aimed at?

The Conference is aimed at participants from nations that have nuclear facilities in place or who are planning to build a Nuclear Power Plant or research reactor facility. Representatives from international organizations involved in the development and/or promotion of integrated management system-related documents and activities are also very welcome.

The event is primarily targeted towards senior managers in charge of developing, implementing and improving management systems at their facilities, responsible for oversight or dealing with quality. Specialists from regulatory bodies responsible for regulatory oversight of quality and management systems as well as specialists from regulatory bodies who are in charge of the review and assessment of their organization’s quality management, representatives of engineering, procurement and construction contractors, and specialists from international organizations who are involved in the development or promotion of management system standards are also encouraged to participate.

Previous workshops have attracted participants from around 40 countries with strong representation from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Why is the conference such a valuable opportunity?

The nuclear industry is undergoing a period of significant change, with new build projects either in progress or planned in many countries. In some instances, this will be the first time nuclear energy is implemented in certain countries. In contrast to this, in other countries the nuclear industry is struggling, downsizing and even being phased out. The main reasons behind these changes are both political and economic.

In terms of workforce, the nuclear industry is also seeing radical changes.  Many of those with specialist knowledge (e.g. design, fundamental safety principles or operation and maintenance) will soon be retiring, with a new generation gradually coming in to replace them. The program will explore the issue of quality, leadership and management including the latest innovation.  Breakout sessions dedicated to those who work for a nuclear utility or other high-reliability industry, regulators, and those involved in the supply chain are also planned. Special topic areas include standards implementation, culture, safety and security, governance, oversight, and project management.

These drivers bring new challenges in terms of leadership, organizational culture, management, and management systems. Effective leadership, well-developed organizational culture and well-thought out management, including the management of change, are vital, involving both opportunities and risks. When introducing changes in an organisation, one should bear in mind that organizational culture is very important and that changes can take time to implement. International guidance and standards are being developed to support organizations in managing change and at the same time maintaining safe operations.

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