International Conference on Quality Leadership and Management in the Nuclear Industry
15th FORATOM-IAEA Management Systems Workshop
16-19 July 2018 – Ottawa Canada

Jason Wight

Director of Engineering – PNGS

Jason began his career with Ontario Power Generation at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS) in 2000, after graduating from McMaster University with a degree in Engineering Physics. He eventually progressed on to a variety of leadership positions including Section Manager of Rotating Equipment, Valve Programs, and Conventional Systems. He’s held Department Manager positions in Plant Design and Performance Engineering at Pickering, as well as the role of Design Authority at Darlington. Jason broadened his expertise outside of engineering by taking on roles such as Outage Control Centre Manager and the Assistant Maintenance Manager at PNGS.

In August 2016, Jason became the Director Station Engineering at Pickering. He is passionate about Leadership & Innovation. Jason is currently leading a Nuclear Fleet Initiative on Innovation & Technology to advance technological solutions within OPG’s nuclear fleet. In his role, he has created an innovation accelerator, called ‘X-LAB’. The goals of the accelerator are to create an environment that encourages and fosters creative thinking across OPG, drive the development of out-of-the-box solutions, engage and attract employees, drive efficiency improvements, and develop new revenue streams.

In his spare time, Jason collects hobbies and enjoys hockey, curling, golf, and relaxing at the cottage! Jason currently resides in Brooklin, Ontario. And is a Fellow of the World Nuclear University.

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